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In 2016 the internet changed forever.  A blind man sued a national pizza chain because the pizza chain didn’t provide a way for his screen reader software to let him order pizza.  The result? The 9th Circuit ruled that websites for certain businesses need to be ADA compliant.  But which businesses?  Since the courts or lawmakers haven’t finalized the rules yet, nearly anyone with a website that sells something is in danger of compliance lawsuits.  If you’re an online coach your business is potentially vulnerable to lawsuits if your site doesn't offer a way for your disabled clients to access and read your site.  Protecting your business is simple and easy and could save you tons on litigation.

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How it works

A Simple Line of Code Is Added To Your Site 


Your Site is Scanned And Can Now Be Read by Disability Software


Your Site Becomes Compliant And Significantly Reduces Your Risk of a Lawsuit


By protecting your site and your business, your site will meet or exceed WCAG 2.1, ADA Title III, Section 508, and EAA/EN 301549 standards. After installation your accessibility icon will appear instantly on your site giving your customers instant access. 48 hours later, your site will be fully scanned and automatically updated to maintain your compliance automatically. There's nothing else you have to do.


Meets or Exceeds The Following Standards:

WCAG 2.1


Section 508

EAA/EN 301549