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Never before have businesses been able to reach customers in such a real and personal way as ride share advertising. As more and more people use ride sharing services like UBER and LYFT the opportunities to reach a captive audience are now more abundant than ever. Your ideal customer is waiting to hear from you. Let UBLY help you reach them.

Slide How It Works Rideshare Marketing 101 Your Ad Goes In Our Vehicle By placing your ads in front of our riders, your ad has the best possible shot at reaching someone interested in what you have to offer What do ads look like? Your Customer Sees It With thousands of customers riding in our vehicles every month, the chances of your ideal customer seeing your ad are exceptionally high. Unlike a billboard that your customer sees in 5 seconds, your ad will be front and center for the entire ride. What does the customer see? They Show Up By offering a variety of ads to suit your customers interests, they're more likely to show up. Since ride sharing is used by locals and tourists alike, your clients interact with our drivers giving you the best possible shot at boosting your customer traffic The numbers
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Slide WE OFFER Design Strategy Advertising Platforms Interactive Experiences A Growing Fleet of Vehicles Second to None Support LEAP OF FAITH MARKETING GROUP Leap of Faith Marketing Group was founded on the idea that businesses of all types can directly reach their ideal customers thanks to ride sharing opportunities.

With millions of riders and drivers interacting on a daily basis, we realized that businesses were missing out on a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on this vast untapped market. Click below for more info.